launch trailer directed by Sam-Oeun Yin, animator at Dotemu

First internal game at Dotemu! I supervised the art team on Windjammers 2. They did a remarkable job thanks in particular to the great art direction of Simon Périn. A long-term job that took 5 years, from the very first discussions until the release. Just to achieve this little gem! Our intention was to keep the spirit of the art direction of Windjammers by refreshing it so it could makes sense in our days.
The characters animations, backgrounds and SFX are therefore drawn by hand as for a classic anime. Windjammers 2 takes place a few years after the first tournament. So we imagined a future as we imagined it back at the time. Sci-fi elements that encounter objects from the 90s, such as robots from one side and CRT TVs on the other. The universe itself narrate a story and gives depth to the characters and game courts.

I was also able to work with talented musicians like Seiichi Hamada and Harumi Fujita in Japan and Sylvain Hellio in France. The main idea was to redo the titles of the first game with real instruments. For the new tracks, an artistic intention has been thought for each courts. The soundtrack is therefore extremely rich and always catchy thanks to its very present funk side.

I worked on the game’s interface in collaboration with Simon to take key elements from the first game by placing them in a more elaborate and adaptable UI for each platform.

As a bonus, I also drew a font for the game. A small personal pleasure from my grounding as a typographer…