After the release of Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, the studio Arkedo has decided to close down. Everyone move to new adventures.
However before stepping down, we wanted to release a final delirium: Jane Ellie

We worked for several months on this last game but unfortunately it has never been published.

The subject of the game is certainly confusing but the question is whether it would also have been the case if the main character was male.
I found this position interesting, insofar as it somehow pronounced equality between men and women and forced the player’s reflection. Video game is a very masculine universe and I like the idea of ​​going against some of its principles. It’s always nice to kick the anthill and make things move forwards.

A link to the game is available at the bottom of the page. Have fun!

About the game

Jane Ellie is a 2D game for Steam designated by a hardcore gamer team to the hardcores gamers wishing to relive the sensations of old school arcade games. How far will you go? Who will get the hight score?
You are Jane Ellie, a 2 years old little girl who does not have cold feet! Projected into worlds haunted by monsters each more crazy than the next, your only way to get out is to find the carnivorous plant hidden in one of the seeds dotting the level!
And you have only one way to grow the seeds: have a pee on it!

Thanks to her rainbow pee-stream, Jane Ellie can block passages and stun monsters!
You can use your powers in two ways:
The Pee-stream. You can then sprinkle everything around you, monsters and seeds, in 360 degree. However this technique does not allow you to move.
The Pee-jump. This technique is ideal for watering seeds without stopping your run. In this way, you can block the passage behind you when you’re chased!

Your goal in each game is to discover the carnivorous plant hidden in the level.
Once you discovered the plant, the roles are reversed! On the back of your carnivorous plant, enter into a race of madness and carnage within the time frame! The more monsters you devour, the more score you make.
But beware, some monsters are faster than they look! Then you have to take shortcuts to catch these ones!

Increase your score allow you to reach more larger and dangerous worlds. There are four worlds to discover in Jane Ellie: The Black Forest, The North Pole, The Jurassic and the Aztec land. All contains more than thirty levels.
At the end of each world, you have a chance to meet a boss! Some are huge, others are legion! The gameplay remains the same here, you will have to find the plant to eat it!

The ScoreComposed by Sylvain Hellio rewarded at the video game award 2012  of the Ministry of Culture for his work on Jazz: Trump’s Journey (Eggball / Bulkypix), the original score of Jane Ellie will carry you in each universe in fast-paced! Flutes, guitars and other percussion will rhythm your crazy journey!

At game over, you can glean points for your next party with a gambling machine. The number of worlds and bosses reached determine the times you can bet. The accumulated points can lead you directly to an advanced world for your next party.

Art Direction

I decided to create a very colorful universe based on ink stains and paints. This fits perfectly with the state of mind of young children. It seemed to me necessary, given the subject, to always keep this naive and joyful atmosphere.
The line itself is quite refined, not necessarily detailed in order to accentuate this childish aspect even more.
The animations are drawn by hand frame by frame.


You can download the game by clicking the image bellow.
System requirements: Windows 7