vengeful guardian

the launch trailer with the live-action intro!

After Blazing Chrome, the team from Joymasher decided to work on a solo platformer, inspired by the 90’s Black Kamen Rider and other tokusatsu’s movie genres. 
After a long discussion with Danillo, the main brain behind the game, we decided to produce a live-action trailer once again.
I asked the French cosplayer @cecilosaurus to dress in costume in order to film it in action. 

It takes some time, but the result is great!
I directed this trailer with the help of my crew from Deezooit. We mixed urban conflict footage within to push the dramatic effect of the film. 

Refine the logo.

I also made some changes to the logo. The first version of Danillo was a bit calm. I mean, too calm compared to the fast-paced action in the game! 
So I changed it in order to fit more with the global idea of the game: bloody and dynamic! 
My purpose was to use Japanese kanjis as blood’s splash. I distort a bit the letters to make them visually come forward to the spectator. Then I just add a small black border to the letters in a way to make them readable even in small size.