Working on Windjammers has really been a fantastic adventure. Developing this game so that it can be released on current consoles has been very enriching. It also allowed me to build a good team for the sequel of the game.

The purpose of my work on Windjammers was clear: to bring the title to the 21st century.
A huge work was done on the interface, it had to be made more alive and more fun. All the menu screens have therefore been reconstructed for this purpose.
It was an opportunity to work with Simon Périn so that he could create new pixel art assets for the game. The characters were therefore entitled to new poses.

Main menu

The game is clearly made for competition, the interface had to go in this direction. A classification was made thus bringing the creation of new icons, task which the graphic designer Tina Ambigaipalan did under my direction.

Also for this title there was a partnership with Limited Run Games and the collector’s edition was really a fantastic design work. Simon Périn has created new visuals just for these editions. An original freesbee was created for the occasion by the company Wham-o has been added to the collector’s version.

Finally, the trailers were a real pleasure. The search for old video sequences and the voice that I had recorded by Joe, an American actor, made it possible to have something particularly offbeat but in the tone of the game.