a Game Jam project

This is the result of a game jam we did with Aurelien Regard! 
The concept of a game jam, if you don’t know what this is, is that you have to make a game with a small team in 48 hours. 

The theme of the game jam was « the refuge. ».
So we created a two-player game. The pitch: remember the animals that humans used to send into space for experiences? The dog and the monkey? Well, they finally end up on an asteroid, and they used to live in a refuge on it. They were good friends until one of them finished the last Crosswords magazine. So war is declared!

You have to shoot your opponent and, at the same time, protect yourself from a bunch of different cataclysms that happen regularly in the only refuge that exists in the level. If you kill your enemy ten times, you win the game! 
Simple and fun. 

So we didn’t sleep a lot, but it was really fun, and it’s always a pleasure to share time with Aurel; this guy is awesome!

You rock, bro! 

Aurel and I